First conference on the Sheer: The diaphanous creations of Yves Saint Laurent exhibition
Interview with Emilie Hammen, Anne Dressen, Anne Bourse and Pauline Marchetti

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Hosted by fashion historian Emilie Hammen, this first discussion on the Transparences exhibition explores the dialogue between Yves Saint Laurent's work, art and architecture. The exhibition's artistic advisor Anne Dressen, artist Anne Bourse and architect Pauline Marchetti will be on hand to discuss the subject.

Anne Dressen, who has a deep interest in the diversity of artistic practices, will discuss the connections she has proposed between the art of Yves Saint Laurent and the works of Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Les Frères Lumière and Anne Bourse. Anne Bourse will be sharing her interest in patterns, materials and textiles, which is particularly evident in her drawings. Pauline Marchetti, architect, will unveil the choices she has made in her scenography, which rethinks the museum's spaces through an interplay of materials and reinvents the way the couturier's works are displayed.

Emilie Hammen has a doctorate in art history from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, and is a professor of the history and theory of fashion at the Institut français de la mode. From September 2023, she will hold the Junior Professorship at Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. Her research aims to place fashion within the history of ideas by examining the development and writing of its history from the nineteenth century onwards, as well as its relationship with art.

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First talk Sheer: The diaphanous creations of Yves Saint Laurent