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Visite au Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris

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Visit to the exhibition Yves Saint Laurent: Transparences, Le pouvoir des matières.

Drawing on the power of materials, this exhibition - the second chapter in a story that began last summer at the Cité de la dentelle et de la mode in Calais - aims to explore Yves Saint Laurent's approach to the body and to nudity revisited. For this second instalment, the Paris museum has invited curator Anne Dressen, as artistic advisor, to take a look at transparency in Yves Saint Laurent's work. The scenography, designed by architect Pauline Marchetti, explores the sensitive dimensions of space.

Among the forty or so textile pieces on display are iconic creations from the history of the revelation of the female body by Yves Saint Laurent, such as the first topless blouse from spring-summer 1968 and the Nude Dress from the following collection, as well as more original pieces, some from the Left Bank SAINT LAURENT collections.

Several modern and contemporary works - drawings by Anne Bourse, photographs by Man Ray, a film by the Lumière brothers featuring a choreography by Loïe Fuller, and a painting by Francis Picabia - also punctuate the exhibition.

Admission is free, subject to availability.
Last admission at 9.45pm.