La Chaloupée

Ballet first presented on February 15, 1961, at the Opera of Copenhaguen. 

Choreographer: Roland Petit
Writer: Marcel Aymé
Costumes: Yves Saint Laurent, Edouard Dermit
Set Design: Edouard Dermit
Music: Maurice Thiriet, adapted from La Valse Chaloupée by Jacques Offenbach
Cast: Zizi Jeanmaire, Erick Bruhn, Marianne Walther...

A boy and a girl in a carriage pass a shop with a wedding gown in the window. The carriage stops, and the girl gets out, goes to the window display, and puts on the wedding gown. The wedding party is held at Maxim’s, where everyone dances the chaloupée. Roland Petit asked Yves Saint Laurent to design the costumes for this ballet.

To tell you how important the theater is to me and how often it resurfaces… My dresses are not theatrical. My evening gowns always evoke a dramatic or romantic work, a writer, or a musician.

Yves Saint Laurent, De fil en aiguille, dir. David Teboul.