January 29, 1962
Presentation of the First Collection

On Monday, January 29, crowds gathered to see the presentation of Yves Saint Laurent’s first collection at 30 bis rue Spontini. The Countess of Paris, Princess Anne, the Baroness de Rothschild, Roland Petit and Zizi Jeanmaire, Geneviève Fath, Françoise Sagan, and members of the fashion industry came to witness the comeback of “the little prince of fashion.”

While Yves Saint Laurent maintained the rigorous construction he had learned at Dior, he freed the female form, which had been constrained by a severe silhouette and disappeared under layers of clothing. The collection was epitomized by the first piece that was presented: a pea coat worn with white pants, the simplicity and spirit of which recalled Chanel.

The most beautiful collection since Chanel.

Life, April 9, 1962.

Paris crowns Dior’s dauphin, and a sprig of lily of the valley brought him luck.

Jour de France.

We were expecting a collection by a young man of the future, but we saw a collection by a modern-day master.

Elle (France).

Yves: Fashion’s Third Force

Women’s Wear Daily.