December 4, 1983
Launch of the Fragrance Paris

On July 28, 1983, the fashion show for the Autumn-Winter collection ended with the model Mounia wearing a feathered wedding gown and bearing the fragrance Paris, which would later be launched on December 4.  

Your perfume pins me to a tree. I will never forget it. I will undoubtedly find you again one day. There are a thousand places in Paris where I could see you again and crush your roses against my heart. Our roses. The most beautiful ones. Maybe you were only a pretext for realizing my dream of offering Paris a perfume. That prestigious Paris, which dazzles. Your blazing and crackling fireworks make the world sparkle. For this new fragrance, I have chosen your name because no other is more beautiful. Because I love you. My Paris.

Yves Saint Laurent, manuscript, 1983.  

For the Autumn-Winter 1983 collection, Saint Laurent created a design named “Paris,” a black velvet sheath dress with a “Paris pink” satin knot.