Les Monstres sacrés (Sacred Monsters)

Play first presented on September 19, 1966 at the Théâtre des Ambassadeurs.  

Director: Henri Rollan
Costumes: Yves Saint Laurent and Jacques Heim
Set Design: Christian Bérard's design for the 1940 production

In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent dressed Arletty for Henri Rolland’s production of Jean Cocteau’s Les Monstres sacrés (Sacred Monsters). The play, which Jean Cocteau wrote for Yvonne de Bray in 1939 while he was living on his houseboat, premiered at the Théâtre Michel in February 1940. The 1966 reprisal at the Théâtre des Ambassadeurs saw Arletty in her last role (Esther).