Harold et Maude (Harold and Maude)

Compagnie Renaud-Barrault, Théâtre Récamier

By Colin Higgins

Director: Jean-Louis Barrault
Costumes: Yves Saint Laurent for Madeleine Renaud
Cast: Madeleine Renaud, Daniel Rivière, Philippine Pascale, Juliette Brac, Yves Gasc, Guy Michel, Jean-Michel Granval, Claude Beautheac, Catherine Allary, Dominique Santarelli, Jean Hébert, Catherine Eckerle, and Micheline Kahn

One of the most important roles in Madeleine Renaud’s career was undoubtedly Maude-Madeleine in the French production of Colin Higgins’s play Harold and Maude. With grace and astounding energy for her age, she whirled about, climbed trees, and captivated audiences all over the world.