June 1, 2008
Death of Yves Saint Laurent

On June 1, 2008, Yves Saint Laurent passed away in Paris at the age of 71. His funeral was held at the Église Saint Roch and was attended by numerous political and cultural figures, including President Nicolas Sarkozy. Screens erected outside the church allowed the many admirers who had come to pay their respects to watch the ceremony. Pierre Bergé bid farewell to the man who had been his companion for over fifty years.

How young and beautiful was the Paris morning when we met! You were leading your first battle. You were glorious that day, and since then that glory never left you. How could I imagine that we would be facing each other fifty years later, and I would be bidding you farewell for the last time? This is the last time that I am talking to you, the last time that I can. Your ashes will soon join the resting place awaiting you in the gardens in Marrakech. … To leave you, Yves, I want to tell you how much I admire, deeply respect, and love you.

Pierre Bergé, 2010