Cher Menteur (Dear Liar)

Play first presented on September 25, 1980, at the Théâtre de l’Athénée – Louis Jouvet.

Director: Jerome Kilty
Costumes and Set Design: Yves Saint Laurent
Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Edwige Feuillère
George Bernard Shaw: Jean Marais


There was the Athénée, Jouvet, and Bérard, the first things I was head over heels about. … All the stirrings of my late-blooming adolescence were in those unforgettable dreams. I had to be reborn, situate myself in reality. … That was why I did not hesitate for one instant to do the sets and costumes for Cher Menteur (Dear Liar). I saw Edwige Feuillère. I saw Jean Marais. … My job was to serve them: to try and capture the emotiveness of their movements and their hearts, unfettered by the spell of this world of the past, as beautiful as it was. I had to sweep away the shadows and did so with a great deal of emotion. The great names that guided this theater and the silhouette of this academic sprite will undoubtedly be there somewhere to express their tenderness. May I not disappoint them. For the love of theater.

Yves Saint Laurent.