Ensemble contre le sida

As soon as the first cases of AIDS began appearing in the early 1980s, Pierre Bergé understood the severity of this new pandemic. Ever since, he worked hard to fight this deadly virus and its harsh realities by supporting those living with HIV, educating the public, funding related programs, and denouncing the human impact of the political policies that have—or have not—been put in place.

© Vincent Isoré
© Vincent Isoré

Pierre Bergé first served as president of Arcat-sida before becoming president of Sidaction in 1996 (which was known as Ensemble contre le sida until 1997). Line Renaud, who had spent many years rallying the artistic world with her association Artistes contre le sida, subsequently joined him as vice-president of Sidaction.

On April 7, 1994, Sidaction held its first fundraising campaign in response to the difficulties faced by the sick and to fund research. The commitment of everyone involved has allowed Sidaction to continue its efforts over the long term. It remains a significant fund raiser and is regarded as a key player in the fight against AIDS, both in France and worldwide. Since it was established, Sidaction has raised over 300 million euros.  Sidaction’s expertise as well as its awareness of current developments, its ongoing commitment to funding both research and community associations, its demand for efficiency, and its rigor have earned it recognition as a public utility. Above all, its trajectory attests to the relevance of the following founding principles, which have continually guided its growth and have always placed the sick at the center of its work: to unite, to act on all fronts, and to respond to urgent needs in the field.